Who are we?

Innovate for Growth is a community interest company which was formed in March 2020. The intention of its two directors is to create a community focused organisation which uplifts people in as many ways as possible.

Life in the 21st century, particularly today, is difficult because there are so many challenges that face us as a society.  Innovate for Growth creates hope by supporting individuals to change the narrative and turn obstacles into stepping stones for achievement.


The aim of IFG recruitment, is to provide a platform where people can have easy access to a wide range of salaried, voluntary, full time and part-time positions. This platform will also provide a wealth of advice and support on how to be successful in both the application and interview process. 

Why are we different?

Being a not-for-profit organisation means we are committed to making a difference in communities.  We are aware employment is the key to social change and community uplift.  Many of our staff volunteer their time to make that difference because they believe if everybody did one small thing the change would be enormous.

Our success is our people. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our most important assets – our people – through recognition and rewards. We take care of them so that they can take care of you.

Our core values underpin everything we do and are reflected by our people. Respect, determination, teamwork, integrity, understanding and fun are central to how we work with each other and our clients and candidates. Our team takes the time to understand your needs and are dedicated to guiding and supporting you through the recruitment process.

Our relationships are key for our clients. We aim to work closely with some of the largest organisations in further education, housing, social care, charity and more. 

Inspiring people to believe?

In a world where many have been disappointed, let down or just simply ignored, IFG Recruitment will help you through the post-COVID world we are now fully immersed in; they will help you find the right career, that missed opportunity or maybe just a few hours work. Whatever you need, the IFG team will work with you, guide you and support you along the way. 

We have launched our tutor teachers portal where we will support educational professionals who want to work with young people by providing hours of tutoring; we can support them to find your student. 

Why post your jobs with us?

IFG Recruitment will help you find the right person to suit your business or organisation.  We reach out to the communities where people have been forgotten and skills are hidden just waiting to be placed in the right working environment.  

If that person is not on our books, we will find them for you with our wide-reaching community links and partnerships.   IFG Recruitment is committed to equality and diversity with the right people filling posts.